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Free Spirit Service provide a high-quality vehicle tracking service

Our facilities on Chartmoor Road are equipped with high tech tracking and wheel alignment equipment.

Correct wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle’s tyres are pointing at exactly and precisely the right angles for your particular model of vehicle. You may have heard of toe in and toe out. This is a wheel alignment angle measurement.

Having the correct wheel alignment ensures your car drives as it was designed to and maximises tyre life.

Wheel alignment should be checked at least yearly and after you ever have the misfortune to bump a kerb heavily or sustain a similar impact from say a deep pothole or similar.

Incorrect wheel alignment can and does drastically reduce tyre life and that can be expensive as we all know.

A Wheel Alignment in progress

Knowing when your vehicle needs a wheel alignment check

A good way to check if your vehicle is having wheel alignment related issues is by looking at the tyre tread surfaces. If there is any uneven wear at the edges as opposed to the centre of the tyre it is most likely due to your vehicle's front wheels being out of alignment.

Another warning sign is if your steering pulls slightly to one side when you're driving on a flat road surface. Aside from the affects incorrect wheel alignment has on your steering and tyres, it can also damage other parts of your vehicle such as suspension, and steering components so it’s worth getting it checked if you think there may be a problem.

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A wheel alignment check costs an awful lot less than a set of tyres.

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