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Stay cool, calm and refreshed

What is an air conditioning service and why is it important?

Air conditioning services are not normally a part of the regular mechanical car servicing schedules and are specifically for your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Air con service ensures that everything in the system is running properly and fully topped up with fresh refrigerant gas so that ample cool air is being produced to keep you and your passengers alert, comfortable and refreshed.

Every two years

It is recommended that your vehicle's air conditioning system is serviced every two years to keep it in tip top condition. Our specialist equipment filters, refreshes and tops up the refrigerant gas in your car’s system adding a special oil to lubricate the compressor and an ultra violet dye to enable easy gas leak detection.

An Air Conditioning Regas is progress

What will happen if you don’t get your air conditioning system regularly serviced?

Over time without regular servicing the performance of your air conditioning system will gradually deteriorate and the system will need to work harder and harder to compensate for its diminishing efficiency.

As a consequence, more power will be taken from the engine, using more fuel and increasing wear and tear on the mechanical components of the system thus increasing costs at the same time as warmer and warmer air is released into the vehicle.

Left too long the system could also sustain damage as a result of the increased wear and tear.

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